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Discipline - Code of Conduct

 Disciplinary Report Form

There is no physical discipline of any kind allowed in the Boy Scouts of America.  Since this is true, we need the full cooperation of the boys’ parents to have a smooth running troop.  Our Scoutmaster and Assistants must have your support to be in control of our troop. Disciplinary actions are meant to help the Scout grow in self-discipline.

The Boy Scouts of America prohibit language or behavior that belittles or puts down members of the opposite sex, unwelcome advances, racial slurs, chastisement for religious or other beliefs, or any other actions or comments that are derogatory of people. Any form of hazing, initiations, ridicule, or inappropriate teasing are prohibited.

Members of Troop 74 are expected to live by the Scout Oath and Scout Law.  We will not tolerate foul or obscene language, cigarettes or tobacco of any kind, drugs or alcohol, fighting, horseplay, etc.

The Following Chart outlines our Levels of Discipline and the Procedures which will be taken. Adults are encouraged to report anything outside the Scout Oath and Law on the Disciplinary Report Form. This should be turned into the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair for disposition.

Thank you to Parents for your Concern and Help!

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