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Dues and Scout Accounts 

There is an annual fee for existing Scouts of $45/year and crossover Webelo Scouts of $30/year. These fees are deducted from the Scout's Account at $5/month for 9 or 6 months respectively. This covers BSA Registration dues and Boy’s Life magazine. There is also an annual fee Fundraiser Fee of $50 for each Scout.

Each Scout has a Scout account in the Troop. Parents are encouraged to maintain a minimum balance of $50 in their Scout's account. Outings or other expenses may be deducted from the Scout account.

Camp fees for summer camp and other outings are separate from the yearly fee collected by the Troop.  These will vary from event to event and year to year.  Parents or guardians are responsible for the boy’s financial obligations.  If this is not followed, the boy may not be allowed to participate in future fund raising or outings.

It takes a lot of expensive equipment to go camping. The Troop continually buys new equipment to meet the needs of the Troop.  The money to buy this equipment comes from Fundraising (Popcorn Sales, Car washes, Christmas Tree & Wreath Sales, etc.).

Profits from popcorn sales are divided; 75% goes into the Scout Account and 25% goes into the general troop fund.  Scouts are able to use the money in their Scout Accounts for summer camp fees and other trips.

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